N. Lynn Eckhert, MD, MPH, DrPH Shares Her Story


Announcing the latest addition to the Foundation’s Renaissance Woman Oral History Project

N. Lynn Eckhert, MD, MPH, DrPH won the Alma Dea Morani award in 2012. As one of the recipients, she recently participated in our oral history project to share her story.

It is no surprise that one of the primary topics she discussed was public health: “The fact that public health is so separate from medicine is not good,” she shared. “When I was at Hopkins, we always talked about the canyon…on one side was a medical school [and]on the other side is the school of public health.”

Dr. Eckhert maintains her commitment to public health and currently works in education with a focus in that area.

She went on to say, “Medical schools and their academic health centers have not been terribly responsive to the communities which they serve.” But while these schools have a long way to go, she admits they’ve gotten better.

She feels strongly that both private and public institutions have a real responsibility to society.

Her oral history covers her entire career from childhood – there were many doctors in her family – though her education, the choice to become a doctor, and the journey of her professional career.

It is such a privilege to be able to listen to Dr. Eckhert’s story in her own words. Please visit the exhibit to hear what she had to share.

This oral history project highlights the recipients of the Foundation’s Alma Dea Morani, MD Renaissance Woman Award. This is a unique opportunity for these medical pioneers to share their story in their own words, and for future generations to listen to them tell it.

The Countway Library of Medicine has partnered with us on this project. They have created an online exhibit of each of the oral histories that the Foundation has collected to date. This exhibit gives researchers, educators, and the public the ability to access this content.