Our Vision

We know the value of experience and see the impact pioneers have made in the fields of medicine and the medical sciences, especially when it comes to the unique legacy left by women.

Our work perpetuates the legacy these women created through their tireless determination, extraordinary passion, and unmatched fortitude. We will not allow their stories to rust: we use them to build a path to a future still being envisioned, but solidly supported by those who came before. There can be no purposeful future without the perspective of history. We maintain the path behind in order to inspire those forging ahead.

We do this by strategically partnering with organizations that share our passion and commitment to the history of women in medicine and the medical sciences. Our partnerships exist primarily through funding initiatives that fit within our core project areas: oral histories, research fellowships, student scholarships, and processing grants. Additionally, we are proud to recognize an outstanding woman every year with our Alma Dea Morani Renaissance Woman Award.

If you are looking for connections to the women who made your participation in the medical field possible, start here. We are excited to see the legacy you leave behind.


 "Connecting the past to the present is an essential element to achieve a creative future. The continuity and connection of experiences and strengths of those before helps to define today."



Our Mission

The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation, formerly the Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine, was founded with the strong belief that understanding our history plays a powerful role in shaping our future. The resolute stand women took to establish their place in these fields propels our vision forward. We serve as stewards to the stories from the past and take pride in sharing them with the women of today. Our mission is to preserve and promote the history of women in medicine and the medical sciences, and we look forward to connecting you to our collective legacy that will empower our future.