Planning Your Legacy Matters


Dr. Christie Huddleston shares why bequest gifts make a difference

Dr. Christie Huddleston has always been interested in making a difference. “I grew up in a family where service to others and to our country was very important,” she says.

This desire to add to the common good and a love of science and the human body inspired Dr. Huddleston to pursue a career in Psychiatry. It has also motivated her to devote much of her time to mentoring and developing opportunities for women in medicine.

Contemplating her impact as a physician, Dr. Huddleston says, “I see patients all day long in my practice and together we work to heal their wounds, resolve the obstacles in their lives, and improve their sense of wellbeing.”

Regarding teaching, she continues, “With students and residents, I try to impart a way of thinking which allows for the complexity of the problems they will face with their own patients, but also show them a way to strive for clarity without losing their own humanness and that of their patients.”

Recently, Dr. Huddleston and her husband, Rafael Porrata-Doria, took making a difference to a new level by providing a gift to The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation through a bequest in their estate plans. As a founder and board member of the Foundation, Dr. Huddleston has seen first-hand the impact that the organization has made on the fields of medicine and medical sciences. 

“Rafael and I intend to support the Foundation through our estate so we can continue to impact future generations in medicine. It is important to us to create a legacy that will benefit other women in science. A bequest to The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation ensures that we will continue to make a difference far into the future.”

For additional information regarding bequests to The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation’s Planned Giving Program, please contact our Executive Director, Victoria Burkhart, at or 610-850-0154.

Alicia Lazzaro